Free Analysis

Free Medical Diagnosis and Analysis Services

Our patients do not only consult us from Istanbul, where our center is located. For this reason, we recommend that they take the free health analysis service we offer before coming to our center. Our first goal here is to provide the most accurate diagnosis by forwarding the correct information to our healthcare professionals. The most important issue for our clients who have the disease or have any doubts is the correct diagnosis according to the symptoms.

So how is a free health analysis done?

First of all, our consultant;

Our clients who will not be able to come to our center share the reports they have with our team,
Sharing what is known among his co-morbidities,
Filling the medical form that our team will send to you,
Sharing photos if possible
Then, when deemed necessary, other tests requested by our doctor should be performed.

In line with the results, we can invite our specialist doctors to our center if they deem it necessary.

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