Cardiovascular Care Treatments

Cardiovascular Surgery

Patients from all over the world, we provide highly specialized cardiothoracic surgery teams through our comprehensive and advanced medical facilities in Turkey Of the enamel to benefit from personalized health care, you can visit.

In order to provide quality diagnosis, evaluation and treatment services to all patients suffering from heart, chest and lung diseases, our surgical team in the cardiac, thoracic and pulmonary surgery department blends long surgical experience and skills using advanced medical and surgical devices and technologies, following the latest international guidelines and standards. we provide intermediary services for you.

Of mine health's cardiovascular surgery team offers surgical and medical treatment services for heart, lung, chest and esophagus diseases, swallowing problems, postoperative care and rehabilitation, as well as assessment and diagnosis services.

We use the latest devices in modern medicine. In the of mine health cardiothoracic surgery department, we use the da Vinci robotic surgery system in more than half of the surgeries we perform on the heart without resorting to open heart surgeries, and we also help you to receive lung and esophageal surgery services.

Of mine health, treatment plan your visit to Turkey and will accompany you throughout your visit until the last day of your treatment journey from the airport reception. Of mine health offers you a comfortable hotel accommodation as well as medical translation services.

Of mine health provides all this and more!
Our treatment methods ...

Robotic Heart Surgery

The concept of robotic-assisted cardiac surgery has recently emerged and has become very popular, and extensive efforts have been made by hospitals to train cardiac surgeons to use these surgical robots in their surgery.

Open heart surgery

Open heart surgery has become known as traditional heart surgery these days due to the emergence of new surgical techniques that we can perform surgery on the heart without opening the ribcage.

Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgery involves treating diseases that affect organs inside the chest, including the esophagus, trachea, chest wall, and others.


Vascular surgery is a surgical specialty that requires years of high-level training to specialize. The purpose of vascular surgery is to treat vascular diseases and diseases such as vascular, vascular and lymphatic vascular diseases.

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